Faucets are sites that give you currency every few minutes. All you need to do is put your wallet address in and solve the captcha! One downside to this is the massive number of popup ads that you have to deal with, but the payout is worth it. Here is a list of some good faucets that I've found:


Please note: You need a FaucetHub account to use these faucets.


Please be sure to check out my pal Megadump's list of faucets! He is much more experienced than me. Keep an eye out for Megadump when chatting in FaucetHub!














Also check out japakar.com's website. One of the best websites for faucets, in my opinion. Find him on FH too and be sure to thank him!


















My favorite Faucet site is Forumcoin. Here is a list of every coin faucet that should bring you right to the type of coin faucet you want.


















Another list of faucets with NO ADS by FH user amandabtch. Find them on FH and thank them. Here is a list of their faucets:


















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